PROS 3.2.0 V5 LVGL (5.3) GUI + Okapi (3.3.13) chassis control

TL;DR – first b/c that is where they belong.

5090Z decided I, the former(?) coach, could publish their Auton GUI. I combine it with an Okapi project I created. I made some editions to the GUI code, including the ability to run an auton function from opcontrol. It may be of interest that the coder that wrote the GUI did so on the PC using Eclipse and the LVGL PC Simulator well before we got the V5 hardware.

Long Story.
So 5090Z has disbanded either via graduation or joining other teams. As the (former) coach, I pushed them to release their code. They don’t want to release their drive and autonomous code b/c it is not consistent with the comments. Also really don’t want to update or support any of the code in any way. But they told me I could release the GUI w/ auton selection.

Since there was no team to take over my VEX hardware this summer, I started a little project to explore Okapi and play with my new dog. It’s a well-known aspect of his breed that they don’t fetch but will chase anything. So, the goal was to drive around a small chassis with a toy attached and have him chase it. If that worked, I was going to add automation with the camera and other sensors. Well, he didn’t like the noise the motors make. But I did get Okapi chassis control working with multiple files, opcontrol and auton functions.

For this release, I took the 5090Z TP code, removed all auton, library and drive code. Then I added in my Okapi code. The 5090 teams had always used tank controls, but I was watching Battle Bots and one of the drivers extolled the virtues of split arcade drive. I had to test that out. Split arcade works best for driving around a back yard in a circle. The “A” button switches between tank, arcade, and split joystick arcade. The “B” button switches between brake modes, Coast, Brake, and Hold.

At this point I had canceled my plan for autonomous modes but decided to add some code as an example. I tried to drive the chassis in a square. 24” forward then 90 deg turn, etc. However, the 90 deg turn using turnAngle did not turn 90 deg but only about half. This prompted me to add the live telemetry tab. The current auton implemented in MARL 6 just test various turn angles. I am using traction wheels so maybe that has something to do with it, but it behaves the same on tile, carpet and grass.


Is this the same LVGL code from Z that Zeke put on our (5090X) brain to demo?

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Don’t know. It could also be the v5gui demo which I did. But I did lift the button matrix from their code. If it has tabs then it is probably the early Z code.

Yeah it has tabs. Which 5090Z coach are you specifically? I don’t recognize your username.

I’m the coach you know. No other coach posts.

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Yep. Just figured out the acronym.

@Sylvie Yes it is not hard to figure out if you know me. I try to keep my full name from showing up online since I tend to get head hunter calls when that happens.

Dean finally sent me the PC Sim screen shots, so they are now on the README.

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