PROS 3 tutorial?

So as for this season we are using vexnet but assuming that eventually we will have to jump to v5 I will have to leave robotC and move to C++ like PROS 3 or VCS. Even though we aren’t using v5 right now I want to learn how to code with (preferably) PROS 3 and right now i’m looking for tutorials on it. I do understand that they have the claw bot tutorial on their website but I was looking for a tutorial that was a little more explanatory going through auton and controller programming .

PROS 3 uses standard C++ just as PROS 2 uses standard C. In contrast, RobotC is merely based on standard C with its own language nuances.

As such, someone who understands the core C/C++ languages, for which there are many tutorials, should be able to relatively easily use PROS given the excellent documentation.

With that said, @Highwayman started a tutorial series for PROS 2 and may produce such a series for PROS 3 when it is released. I also have intentions of doing so depending on time constraints and other factors.