PROS 4 Open Beta Release

Dear VEX Community,

We are proud to announce the PROS 4 Open Beta!

We want to also note that PROS 4 contains breaking changes relative to PROS 3, and we highly do not recommend using PROS 4 for competition use YET.

This beta feature a whole host of new features:
:sparkles: Abstract class for Motor and Motor_Group containing methods used for both.
:sparkles: Make Class Constructors Explicit
:arrow_up: v5, rtos, and adi namespaces to help with API organization, with v5 and rtos being inline for user sanity.
:children_crossing: ADI(device) has a deprecation warning to encourage users to switch to the adi namespace.
:children_crossing: Removed deprecated motor functionality
:sparkles: Base device class that all v5 smart devices inherit from (except motor groups) allow for dynamic device instantiation. (pros::v5::Device). This will allow users to write dynamic device instantiations.
:sparkles: adi::pneumatics class added for ease of use.
:arrow_up: LVGL decoupled directly from kernel and instead a default template similar to Okapi.
:arrow_up: LVGL updated to latest version (8.3) under a new template called! liblvgl!
:arrow_up: Brand new look for LLEMU!
:sparkles: Centered and right justified text for LLEMU
:sparkles: When code gives you bugs, make bug juice
:sparkles: Added port#_device constructors to most devices such as instantiating a rotation censor by doing pros::v5::Rotation sensor = 5_rot; to instantiate a rotation sensor on port 5.
:sparkles: Added a stream operator overrides to most devices for debugging. For example, doing std::cout << motor << std::endl; will print information about the state of the motor.
:exclamation:And too much more!

In order to join the PROS 4 beta testing, update your PROS CLI to version 3.4.2, and run pros c n ./new-project --beta to create a new PROS beta project. Other conductor commands also work with the --beta flag, so upgrading projects from 3 (while not recommended) is possible.

For more detailed installation instructions and more info about PROS 4 please join the PROS beta testing server:

Happy Testing!

  • The PROS Development Team