[PROS] Advanced robot control app teaser

I am close to releasing a video on an app that can view sensors, variables, battery voltages, etc and control motors from a phone


Love this!

What platform will this be compatible with?

PROS, its harder to develop this stuff on RobotC but you could implement it
the app will be android only since i dont have the time, an iphone, or a mac to develop on

Cool with me, just make sure you tell me when you release this app. :smiley:

Will this app be able to just view the setting of your motors or will you be able to change the settings?
Also will this app kinda kick into the vex net key system or will it be tether to something on your robot?

I explained some of this in a different thread but yes it will be able to change motors and variables of the robot
the app uses bluetooth to connect to an HC-05 connected via serial to the cortex

So technically if you got another teams cortex serial number then you could change there motor speed.?
Or am I just stupid and you have to connect your cortex to a computer to get the serial number?

Do you even know how to program?!?!?!?
I really hope you were joking.
UART and I2C are both forms of SERIAL communication through the cortex. You can indeed control motor speed, but not with a Serial Number.

I believe he mentioned in another thread that he was in 6th grade.

So I am going to explain it another way. Do you remember what USB stands for? Universal Serial Bus. It is just a type of communication and the cortex has several forms of Serial communication.

The question isn’t even that unreasonable when you ignore the idea of a serial number. No one ever changes the password of their HC-05 so people could pretty easily take control of the robot. Bluetooth only allows 1 connection at a time though so it is whoever gets there first controls the robot.

Dude, this is seriously awesome! Great to see what people are doing with PROS!

I just wanted to quickly add that this would likely not be legal for competition and so there’s not really a catastrophic vulnerability.

Sorry guyz meant HC-05 :confused: I will read over my posts more carefully.

@tabor473 Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

@PixelToast why did you put my post as an answer the the thread? I believe this thread was not a question.

This looks amazing!

Can you make the code open source? I think that would be awesome for a project like this, some things might be added that you never thought of. I’m going to try this out once you release it.


Obviously you cant have the HC-05 connected while in a match but you can set it as undiscoverable and change the pin number, it only allows 1 connection at a time and it has different blink codes so if a hacker manages to connect it would be pretty obvious

Accident, its fixed now

Yes both the app and robot code will be open source, ill probably push it to my github https://github.com/PixelToast