Pro's and Cons of 1 motor shooter vs 2

My team is debating weather to use a two or one motor shooter.
Is there a large difference between the two?

I am a VRC person, if you are VEX IQ / VRC please specify.

From my experience, one motor can be weak, but two can be too strong.
On my current robot and many better robots that I have seen, using either a 7:1 geared blue motor or a motor mod along with a singular flywheel and a “soft-wall”/“roll-wall”.
It feels more accurate and not too strong, but not weak either.
It works very well.
Also, it saves a motor.

However, at the previous part of the post, I was thinking of 2 flywheels, each one with one motor.
If you have 1 flywheel (geared) and want to make it 2 motors, so long as it won’t extremely inconvenience you and you have a motor available, you should do it. What it does is that it spins up faster.

My team uses 2 wheels and 1 motor on each wheel at 3000rpm. When we did a 2 motor 1 wheel it wasn’t consistent and couldn’t shoot as far. But our 2 wheel one can shoot 15-20 feet at full power.

We used 2 motor to lessen the rpm drop.

I agree that one motor is too inconsistent, and it takes a little longer to start up the (one) flywheel.

With one wheel, it shoots cross field at max power, but again, its very inconsistent.
Our team decided to use two motors, and use ratchets connected to the intake to power endgame, and to power roller

P.S we are a vex v5 team, + for different speeds/power we can just program it

Yes. Ours could too. The problem was, it was fundamentally far too strong. 45% velocity and up was too strong, 30% or lower wouldn’t spin, and what was in between was inconsistent.
I recommend using one flywheel with a motor mod, no gearing (Take out the cartridge of the motor) as that is what my team is using. However, I have also seen better teams using a 5:1 geared blue motor (3000RPM total), and it seems to work best.
7:1 is fast, but it’s fast enough that some of the speed could be traded for torque, which is why many of the best use 5:1s.
This is my first year, so if anyone else with experience can help me reinforce this opinion or quote any errors, it would be appreciated by probably both me and OP.

Gear Ratios!

5:1 is a good balance if you have a 4 inch wheel imo, you could probably even get away with a 4:1. A 3600 rpm gear box is also a good option with a 3 inch wheel.