PROS and EZ template Setup Tutorial

This video tutorial series made by the 2068B Metal jackets will walk you through the process of learning to use PROS in the Visual Studio Code editor and the basics of how to setup Motors and control them in driver control. It will also show the basics of how to download and setup EZ Template and use it to help your autonomous routines. If you want any future tutorials on how to use PID or odometry you can make requests in the comments and they might be made in the future. Bare in mind that this is a tutorial made for the very beginners and mainly for transitioning into how to download pros and make the simplest of code, and does not show any advanced programming. This is to help people transition to PROS because the main reason that some people don’t use PROS is because they have some difficulty with setting up PROS for the first time and this can help you get past that hurdle.



when I downloaded the Ez Template, it showed me this

I have no clue, how it is working.

Thank you for help

It is most likely a linter error that you can ignore. When you build the program, it will tell you the actual errors that you need to pay attention to in order to debug it.



Is there any possibility, how I can disappear from it?

You can try disabling the C++ Intellisense extension in VSCode, but some errors may still persist.

I’ve gotten success on some computers using the clangd extension while on others it just refuses to work.


Usually, when you build the program and then edit and save it, all the error lines go away.

Try editing the motor ports and saving them after building the project.