PROS and Robotc

So, I am thinking about using PROS(because i have a mac and the interface looks better). I have been using Robotc for 2 years and I was wondering if I could use my robotc files in PROS without changing anything. Also does it have an already made competition template? (Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere in the forum)

You definitely could not use them without changing the code. It should be for the most part trivial changes but changes will be required for every file. And yes it has a competition template.

@tabor473 Is it easier to learn? And is it similar to RobotC?

It’s a variant of C, which is what ROBOTC is also, so the knowledge of structure,routines, etc. should transfer over to PROS.

Just wanted to clarify that PROS is C99 programming, which I suppose “is a variant of C.” Regardless, it’s standardized C programming. C99 is a version of the C programming language, like you have Java 7 or Java 8.

Well for the most part the differences would be changing every time you say motor[port1] to the set motor function pros uses. If you use a lot of ROBOTC specific functions it might be a little more complicated. (moveMotorTarget, forward, repeat, waitUntil) these functions obviously be the Natural language functions for the most part.

porting reasonably well written RobotC code to PROS or ConVEX is pretty easy, there’s an example in this thread, took me about 10 minutes to change the RobotC specific code over to PROS.

My son mad the switch over to PROS and loves it. RobotC is good for what it is, but PROS is straight out programming in C. Long term, it will likely better prepare you for a job that entails programming in C. At least that is my opinion.

What is cool is that there are several good options and they all have their unique benefits.

I know @jpearman is a great resource and even though he is the go to guy for RobotC, he as still been willing to help with any programming issues. He helped my son this past weekend with something in PROS.

This is a great community for getting help.