Pros and vex iq

Can you use Pros programming software on Vex IQ if so please reply to how

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No, PROS does not support VEX IQ.

On the other hand, I recommend looking into VEXcode or Robot Mesh Studio’s IQ code for coding IQ. PROS is aimed more towards high school or college level VRC.

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I don’t think so. For IQ, you can use VEXCode, Robot Mesh studio, or Robot C. Also VEXCode VR is coming out early April

Text coding for IQ is robot mesh. You could also use robotc text but it hasn’t been supported for a while. VexCode IQ text should be out soonish…

I use robotc for everything. It works fine.

It’s not going to support the vision sensor though… or anything else that comes out. It’s also possible that a future update of VEXos could break it.

It’s true that it doesn’t support the vision sensor, but the vision sensor hasn’t been allowed in the challenge. In Squared Away and Next Level, it’s on the illegal parts appendix.

It can using this library


Thank you all for responding

PROS is currently only for V5. If you are looking to code using C/C++, either wait for VEX CODE TEXT IQ to come out or use RobotMesh.

Side note: RobotMesh and VEX CODE TEXT, although both C++ based, have different namespaces. You cannot copy/paste code between the two and expect it to work.

If none of those seem like the solution, try RobotC. Although it continues to become obsolete, it has pretty good natural language and modified C.

If you are running a Mac or Chromebook, you can currently use VEX IQ BLOCKS based on Scratch 3.0. It is quite powerful.

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