PROS and Vexcode

Is there any way to use the vex API while using PROS or vice versa. We’ve coded in vexcode so far, and want to switch over to PROS while keeping all of our code from vexcode. Is there any way we can use the Vex API and our code in PROS, and add new stuff using PROS?

Welcome to the VEXForum @NerdRobot!

It’s considered good etiquette on the forum to not make multiple topics with the same question. Programming Support was a perfectly fine category to put this question in (in fact, for a new user I would say you did excellent).

To answer your question, it isn’t possibly to do easily (within my knowledge). There may be code someone has written somewhere, or you may be able to move libraries around, but either of those options could be a decent amount of work and I’m not really knowledgable in that area.

Unless your code is very advanced and long though, I doubt that it would take very long to simply replace the commands from VEXcode with the corresponding command in PROS. If you choose to follow that route, the PROS API Documentation and Vexcode Doxygen Documentation would probably be helpful.