PROS Applied Tutorial Series

do these commonly not work?

Most of the time they do (99% of the time they do), and most people have no problem, but I have had issues (probably somethings I’ve done have broken atom), and the CLI is way more versatile anyway. I also just find it plain faster to use the CLI since I only have to execute one command (prosv5 mut), and any compile errors are easier to read in a full size command promot.

cool one more thing.

what does this require?

You ever use like cmd or Powershell in windows or the terminal in a UNIX environment?

PROS (and Atom) have a built in terminal where you can execute shell commands like pros mut and the like

In a limited capacity. Mostly Finding IP addresses.

Use the “cd” command to navigate to your project’s tolder. You can type out the whole directory at once if you want, like this (assuming windows again)

cd \Path\to\your\project

, or, if you dont want to do that you can use cd in conjunction with “dir” to find the next directory. “dir” will just list all files and folders in your current directory, and you can use “cd” to enter into the one you choose, like this:


, repeat this a few times, and you can get to your pros project. To go back up a directory, type

cd ..

(… means this directory’s parent directory).

@sazrocks thanks, got it

No problem! I’d recommend learning more about how to use the command prompt and power shell on windows; they are extremely powerful and often have a faster/ more efficient solution to a problem than the windows GUI. Terminal knowledge is also essential to be able to use linux.

Life advice is a bit outside the scope of the discussion.