PROS as an alternative to ROBOTC?

Haha fair point though we would not have been able to utilize any of our third party sensors on our robots.

In regards to the v4.25 issues unfortunately we have not been able to look into the issue quite yet. After the world championship myself and the team was primarily focused on final projects and exams. I hope to thoroughly debug what happened as soon as I submit this conference paper for my graduate work and finally conclude my spring semester…

This summer will be fun as the PROS team and I will be doing a series of bug fixes and updates. :smiley:

Welp. Im pretty convinced then. I have always liked the idea of the kids being able to run their stuff at home if need be, and while i personally still use print statements most of the time, I imagine the kids would like and make use of the debugger much more than I did. I also do agree it’s generally better to use the more popular software due to community presence. Still a bit on the fence, but I’m leaning towards RobotC now.