PROS Assistance

I’m trying to learn pros within the next day or two and I need a little help.

this may seem like a personal problem, but In RobotC (what i’m coming from) I can type a statement like this:

#pragma config(Motor,  port1,           mgl,           tmotorVex393_HBridge, openLoop, reversed)

Using that statement, I name the motor in port 1 mgl and the processor will know that the motor is reversed.
So far in Pros, I have found no such statement that works. I simply have to remember that motor port 1 is the left mobile goal motor, and that i always need a negative sign in front of it.

motorSet(1, -127);

Is there a setup statement that I can use to make coding time shorter?

There is no such statement in PROS. I do the following:

#define mglPort 1

Then later I would do


Then you don’t need to remember what you set mglPort to. You could also make a function:

void setMGL(int speed) { motorSet(mglPort,-speed)}

thank you @callen
I was also curious as to how you approach multi-tasking. In robotC, I could define a task by stating

task taskname()


then I could run said task by saying


I understand that PROS uses something called multi-threading, but I don’t understand how to even approach this.
Thanks in advance