PROS Autonomous

Wondering if anyone knows how to record autonomous in PROS. Thanks

The community is here to help enable a better understanding of skills such as programming. The community is not here to simply make code for you.

If you come up with some code to work with (even pseudocode), the community here will be more than willing to help you get it working, but you have to put in the effort to get started.

As a starting point, you might consider looking at threads showcasing rerun-autonomous algorithms. You’ll probably find that, despite the actual code being significantly different, RobotC and PROS are very similar as far as the core logic of the code.

@Barlin I did put the effort on looking for rerun programming but could not find one. Also I’m not asking you to just give me code. I’m new to PROS and I’m still learning everyday. I wondering if someone know how to do it. And if you have a thread that on this topic may you give me the link.

Here is an example of PROS rerun code:

Note that it uses Purdue SIGBots’ libBLRS, but the logic is easily transferable to your own code.

@jbayless Thank you would be looking into that

Threads on rerun-autonomous

Don’t limit yourself to thinking strictly through the PROS API. Think about the algorithm in general:

  • What variables need to be set? To what? When?
  • What’s the best way to keep track of action timing?
  • Etc.

Ok thanks @Barlin reading a bit more and making a code tonight