PROS but no PROS section

I redownloaded PROS because I had this problem on my laptop (my desktop works fine) but the actual pros dropdown at the top to create new projects doesn’t appear. Does anyone know how to fix it?

what do you mean? does the whole menu doesn’t appear or what?
if it doesn’t appear, do ctrl+shift+p then type toggle menu.
If the problem persists type prosv5 c new-project [project_name] in command prompt

Perhaps a screenshot would better describe what you’re seeing. If you think that the PROS functionality isn’t present in the IDE, go to settings (Ctrl+, or Cmd+,), then Packages, and make sure pros-atom3 shows up under the Community Packages section.

@Eden @nickmertin well my initial problem isn’t occuring anymore but I have a new one. If I try to create a new project, this error shows up and I’m not sure what to do.20190814_085439

We tend to see that when the network you’re on has github blocked for whatever reason

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lol I’m using my school’s internet and that makes so much sense now, thanks mate

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Contact your teacher to discuss with the higher ups to have it whitelisted. Github is only for coding purposes and it shouldnt have a reason to be blocked.

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