PROS C++ building problem

I have been getting this building error for 3 days now and I can’t seem to find a solution. Things I have tried are cleaning my build files, redownloading pros, and the CLI, and Upgrading the project.

What OS are you on? And if it is possible, try downgrading your tool chain to q4 2020

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I am on macOS Big Sur version 11.6

I see, well for now what you can do is change line 239 in to:

$(call test_output_2,Linking hot project with $(COLD_ELF) and $(ARCHIVE_TEXT_LIST) ,$(LD) -nostartfiles $(LDFLAGS) $(call wlprefix,-R $<) $(filter-out $<,$^) $(LDTIMEOBJ) $(LIBRARIES) $(call wlprefix,-T$(FWDIR)/v5-hot.ld $(LNK_FLAGS) -o $@),$(OK_STRING))

(We are doing a release soon so all new projects starting from 3.5.3 will have this fix).


Awesome. This worked out perfectly. Thanks for the help!