PROS CLI - Missing

Hello everybody,

I realize that on the last post I made related to this that only admins could respond to the post.

So here I go again…

When I open up Atom to use PROS I receive a Missing CLI error. What is the easiest way to fix this?


What happens when you run

pros --version

at the command line?

Assuming you’re on Windows:
If it doesn’t give you a version number, then check your environment variables. There should be something to the effect of

C:\Program Files\PROS\cli-64

in your




needs to point to the folder with the CLI in your PROS installation directory).

We messed up on this particular release with versioning - we’re moving to a fully automated Jenkins build system, not that that’s any excuse. I’m working on getting everything back up and running. You should still be able to create projects, build, and upload.

l get a missing command palette error, thanks for helping me out with this error.

@edjubuh has solved it, thanks a ton.