PROS CLI was not found on your

I am new to PROS and have recently downloaded it. When I try to use it, it shows this error: PROS CLI was not found on your PATH! Make sure PROS CLI is installed and available on PATH. I don’t know what this means (as I said I’m new to PROS) and how to fix this. Please help. a|690x366

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I’m going to assume you want PROS 3.

Are you running “PROS Editor x64” which is “C:\Program Files\PROS\editor\pros-editor.exe” (assuming you installed 64-bit version)?

Did you install either pros-windows- or pros-windows- Maybe reinstall…

Note the PROS Editor x64 needs to be restart after installing some plugins.

You can check this topic out for similar problem and resolution Downloading PROS, getting errors

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You installed the old version. Please first uninstall and then use one of the links @rpm posted.

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Ok thanks, I’ll try that and see if it works

It did not work. b

You are still using the old editor.

I used the link @rpm posted. Idk what I’m doing wrong

You gotta not upgrade the pros-bootstrapper package even if it prompts you to. At this point you definitely have everything you need already installed, so you can just uninstall the pros (not pros-atom3!) and pros-bootstrapper packages.

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A simple way to fix is to go to your pros settings and then see if there is a packages called “pros” installed and another one called “pros-atom3” installed. If you do then you have the latest version but in order to get the v5 kernel working you gotta uninstalled “pros” package as that package is for v4 and for some reason when you install pros that will also install. Hopefully that fixes your problem. P.S. if your on windows them hold ctrl and comma to get the settings tab to pop up.

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it’s because of the (dumb) way we versioned the pros-bootstrapper package. During the V5 beta and the initial adoption period, we didn’t want to force people to automatically install the new package and environment until it was fully ready, so we made the version that installs pros-atom30.0.12”. Anyway, the end result of this is that technically there’s an update available for that package, and updating it installs the old environment too. I’ll get around to fixing that soon, I think.

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