PROS coding help (New to PROS)

Sorry, I’m new to PROS, how can I move a motor with the press of a button on the controller?

Please read the documentation PROS: Documentation Home — PROS for V5 3.8.0 documentation.


I don’t see it anywhere
Take a look at some of these tutorials. If you want to move a motor with a button, then I recommend looking at the Programming the Clawbot tutorial on the page that I linked. If you want to use some of the more advanced features of PROS, you should be able to independently browse the documentation and look for what you need.


First if you don’t know C++ start there. Do a crash course at the least. For your button you would write an if statement for each button you wanted to map to a motor.

while (true) {
if (master.get_digital(DIGITAL_A)) {

and you have to put it in a while true loop in the opcontrol function or else it will only check for the button once and the stop.

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