Pros coding help

I need help with programming my v5 four wheel drive with pros iv tried doing the Tutorials but my motors wont run and it gives me the error " use of undeclared identifier ‘pros’ " I and in c++ but even when I try c it doesn’t work the code I’m using is the arcade drive off the claw bot Tutorials

Make sure you are clicking the PROS drop down on the very right of the toolbar at the very top and creating a PROS project (that tool bar is white the button will directly say “PROS” do not look on the Atom tool bar that is gray and only has symbols). I do not think that Atom will understand if you are just using Atom to try and put your code in. Atom is the text editor that PROS is built around and you need to use the PROS stuff to create a project or else Atom will be very confused. Possibly leading to the “use of undeclared identifier ‘pros’”.