Pros Compiling Issues

Recently when compiling my code I discovered that when I press the “build” button on the upper hand corner it doesn’t seem to respond. However, when wired to a robot, the “upload” button seems to work normally, but only uploads the previous saved version of my code. Are there any settings that I accidentally tweaked or things that I should be aware of to fix this issue?

ps. the cmd compile way works just fine

I would recommend checking your IDE-specific files to see if perhaps the build button was not properly bound to the correct terminal commands. I have been having a similar issue since I started using PROS (back in the cortex days) where, although the CLI is properly installed and is available on PATH, the atom editor is unable to identify the CLI and complains that it is not available on PATH. Long story short, I do all my PROS editing in VS Code and use either the windows command prompt or powershell to build and upload my code. If you are unable to fix your build button, the CLI method is perfectly fine.