PROS Detecting Alliance Color

Is it possible for PROS to detect the alliance color of the robot when it is plugged into the controller? We want to add 2 light strips, 1 red and 1 blue, to our robot, and have the program automatically detect.

No. The competition control communicates nothing about your team.


I don’t think there is a way to know, but it can always set the color in your autonomous selector.


If you have a line-following sensor, you could use it to detect your alliance color by pointing it at one of your license plates and putting tape on it in a specific way.

To be more specific, you could do the following:

  • Put a piece of black tape on the back of your red license plate
  • Put a piece of white tape on the back of your blue license plate, in the same place as the black tape on the red plate
  • Mount a line-following sensor behind the place where your plates attach, and point it at the place where the tape is

Then, when you swap your plates, you’ll be able to detect through your code whether your robot has a red or blue license plate.

Or you could just set the color in your auton selector, that would work too.


That’s the right way of doing that - too boring.

I think, @Sylvie is trying to dial the coolness factor all the way up to 11 :grin:

You’ve got to use vision sensor or the light sensors with color filters to detect the color of the tile that you are on top of!


Checking the one below you would normally work, but this year the colored tiles are only on a fraction of the space you can start.

Imma try something that boutta be dummy lit in that regard.


Makes an auton that moves to the alliance tile, then selects auton based on that.

You could sense the color of your preload as well.


I know many easy ways to do this, but I wanted to do this in a cool way

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