PROS Docs not Available?

I am trying to get to the PROS docs, but whenever I type in the URL, or follow the link off the PROS website, I get to a 404 page called “PROS - 404 - Dank Memez Not Found”, and the website is all white, with the text, " The page you were trying to reach isn’t available. Go to home? Is the website down? I need to get to the docs.

EDIT: I’m talking about the cortex docs


The cortex docs are down for me too. I haven’t used PROS for the cortex so I can’t help you anymore than confirming its down. Good luck.

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You could try the doc repo on git.

The API and Tutorial look readable.

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Sorry about that! We’ve fixed the issue and the Cortex docs should be working now.

We build our documentation automatically with Azure Pipelines, which fetches the latest versions of all the dependencies. Sphinx 2 was released and I guess there’s breaking changes.

Thanks. Also, what’s with the “dank memes not found”? Wouldn’t a regular 404 page work?

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