PROS download issue

Hi, I am occouring this problem and i dont what the error message is asking. Here is the message.

I recommend moving your project to a directory without spaces, the python parser might not be able to parse the path with spaces properly.


ok ,thank you for the suggestion

Wait, what does that exactly mean. Im a bit new to programming and am a beginner

Your PROS project is in a folder called 91B Code, which is in a folder called 9th Grade Robotics, which is itself in a folder called OneDrive - Great Valley School District and so on, until you get to the “root level” of your drive. The complete listing of the location of a file is called the “path”, and the path for your PROS project is:

C:\Users\shrey\OneDrive - Great Valley School District\9th Grade Robotics\91B Code\project.pros

As part of the compilation process, one or more programs (in this case, a Python script) will need to “parse” that path; that is, given the long string above, they need to come up with the name of each individual folder in the hierarchy.

What Ranch is saying is that if there are spaces in the path (i.e., if one or more of the folders have spaces in the names), this parse step might fail, so you should move the project to a different folder such that the path no longer contains any spaces.