Pros driver not working

So by all logic, this basic tank drive program should be working. However, only the front two motors move, and the front left is inverted. I have tried reversing the power, but this does nothing as it seems my programs do not update when i download them. What am I doing wrong here?

code for driver:

void setDrive(int left, int right){
FR = right;
FL = left;
BR = right;
BL = left;

void setDriveMotors(){
int leftJoystick = controller1.get_analog(pros::E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_LEFT_Y);
int rightJoystick = controller1.get_analog(pros::E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_RIGHT_Y);
if(abs(leftJoystick) < 10)
leftJoystick = 0;
if(abs(rightJoystick) < 10)
rightJoystick = 0;
setDrive(leftJoystick, rightJoystick);


Your leftJoystick and rightJoystick variable types have to be float or double instead of int.

I changed them, but now no motors move at all

what does your motor constructor look like?

pros::Motor::Motor ( const std::uint8_t port,
                     const pros::motor_gearset_e_t gearset,
                     const bool reverse,
                     const pros::motor_encoder_units_e_t encoder_units )

the overload operator (not a fan of using it) is an int8_t with a range -127 to 127,
but int should work.

you can also add this to see what values are getting to setDrive

        char mystr[14];
        sprintf(mystr,"L=%d  R=%d",leftJoystick,rightJoystick );

just make sure you have at least 50ms of delay in your loop

Is there a pros::delay(xx); in your opcontrol while loop?
Are your motors being driven anywhere else.