PROS Editor Help Needed ASAP

So I recently got a new Lenovo laptop to do coding on because my previous one was absolute trash. However, upon opening the editor just now I ran into a problem saying “PROS CLI was not found on your path!”. Not only that , but also a thing saying “Uncaught TypeError: Invalid Version: Null”.

I am still relatively new to pros editor in general since it is my friend who does all of the coding.

Another thing, when I first installed and opened the editor, all worked fine until I clicked “build pros project”. It kept showing an error message and my friend was unable to solve the issue. I really need help with all of this, preferably within the next day or two.

Here are the issues. On the left is the one I first mentioned.

A few things you should check:

1 - go to Packages → Terminal → Open Terminal
2 - in the opened terminal type prosv5 --version (or if on 3.4.0 pros --version will work too!)

If you get info then the CLI is installed right, you can then compile, upload through terminal like:

1 - prosv5 make all
2 - prosv5 u or prosv5 u --slot 3

As to the other errors that is caused by ATOM in the pros build being on an older version and some of the packages are requiring ATOM 1.4.0. but likely the PROS team can enlighten you more but it is no problem as to building code

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First off, thank you for responding so quickly.
I did the first thing you said to do and it came up with “pros, version 3.2.1”. I am not sure if this is correct or not, or whether this is up to date or not. I am pretty sure I installed everything correctly from the PROS website but it seems like it gives me an out of date version.

I think this to be the case because when I load everything up on my other computer (the one I’ve been using for the past year) it loads up perfectly and builds just like it should. However, I have a third laptop, and just to see what would happen I installed pros on it. When it was done, I loaded it up and it had all of the same issues that this one is having.

Also, can you explain what the second thing you wanted me to do was?
“If you get info then the CLI is installed right, you can then compile, upload through terminal like:”

1 - prosv5 make all
2 - prosv5 u or prosv5 u --slot 3

When you updated the CLI, it installed a newer version of the gcc toolchain.
You simply need to upgrade your project kernel to a version that has been released anytime in the past year.


Sorry to ask but how might I do that?

You should maybe ask your friend to teach you how to use pros, or take the time reading the docs to learn it properly. Asking for urgent help on a relatively simple task with a more technical tool like pros might indicate that you should have more realistic time frame for learning the software, or use vexcode instead

To upgrade the kernel, you can use the upgrade menu in the pros menu in the editor, or do it through the cli pros c u kernel.

BTW you can ignore all the other issues in the editor, it’s just the build issues you should fix.

At this point in time, the pros editor is near its end of life, and it is suggested that you use another editor to edit pros projects until the pros devs make a pros vscode extension.


Thank you so much!!
I apologize for making it seem like I’m lazy, but I have tried looking into the issue several times in several ways and still come up with nothing. The problem is, my friend is lazy and doesn’t want to bring his laptop. In short, he relies on me. Also, we are going to the regional championship this coming Thursday so we are on kind of a tight schedule. And again, I’m sorry for asking for “urgent help” on such a “relatively simple task”. However, if it was simple to me then I would’ve found the solution already.

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It worked!! I cant thank you enough!


As his friend, my laptop is broken. I’d bring my laptop if I could, I much prefer my settings. That said, thank you for providing us support! You don’t understand how much this helps us and I very much appreciate it. We were trying to fix it ourselves, and neither of us could come up with anything. You guys are sick! :metal:

Yea, my bad for calling him lazy, I didn’t realize his laptop was broken.

Ayo, we gotta get to work on next year’s design. Thank you guys again!