After using PROS 3.1.4 for 1 day, I have come across an error while building my project in order to upload. I have done it before and it works fine. On about the 5 attempt, this happened:
Competition in 2 days!

Can you clean your project? Point to PROS -> Build -> Clean, then try re-building and uploading your project.

There is an error with your autonomous file, however, you did not screenshot that error, so we can’t help you. When you see an error, always try to scroll to the top of the error.
I can deduce that by this =) image

When I clean it, it gives the same error. Also there are no errors with the code itself.

There are no errors show with the code itself, I think it is an problem with the file system

Can you share the full output of running a clean build?

The first time I cleaned it it gave me errors, but now I have tried again and it is fine, just testing the main build now :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the main build still gives the same error :frowning:

I don’t have any suggestions until you provide the full output.

Here is the output of the full build:


I have posted the full output

Not sure why the Makefile thinks it’s a warning instead of an error. Looks like arm_ticks_2 wasn’t declared. Maybe you meant arm_ticks?

We have a pull request to improve compilation time that also tweaks how errors/warnings are detected. Perhaps this will fix your issue as well. If you’d like to test it out, replace the file in your project with the one here.

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Thanks so much. It worked! I don’t know why that error didn’t appear in the diagnostics tab!

That is indeed odd. Do you mind PM’ing me your whole project in a ZIP so I can take a closer look?

Also, if you test out the I mentioned let me know if it improved anything and we can note that in our test plan.

It seems as if it was just the linter was not correctly showing errors, as it does sometimes.
The linter (aka diagnostics tab) tries to give the best guess of things that might go wrong, but sometimes it lags out or does not correctly show errors.
Ultimately you must only really listen to the compiler. It was telling you what the error was, but it is strange that it only said warning instead of error. Either way, the problem was an error in your code.