PROS for Cortex

I was trying to download PROS for Cortex, for use in my PLTW class, but I can’t seem to find the right page. When I click the link from the PROS website, github says “file not found”. Does anyone know how to download it?

My computer finds the cortex version on github just fine. I don’t know what your problem is. I know to download PROS you have to download the correct version for your computer. I know you have to look for what bit type windows is for the v5 version but don’t know about cortex. If you want, here is the link to the github that I get. PROS Cortex on github

How do you download it off of github? Which files do I download?

You only need one of them but I am not sure which it is in Cortex. I would try the PROS editor .deb first but it will mostly be trial and error. On windows the right one will show a little web page as its picture on the side of the file if you are downloading for v5. Possibly the same for cortex?

Try the pros-win.exe download, assuming you’re using a Windows computer.

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1 more question: Does PROS come with it’s own editor, or do I have to use something live Visual Studios? I know the question seems dumb, but I am actually kind of confused on this.

PROS does come with an editor (it’s pretty much a reskinned Atom with some helpful PROS specific features), but it’s not required to use the editor. Setting up PROS with a different IDE/editor shouldn’t take much work if you would prefer to use something else

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Everyone else has said good points, but just wanted to point out that we recommend using the newer environment supporting the V5. PROS 3 (not the kernel, but everything else) supports the Cortex system and the V5 system.