PROS for VEXPro ARM9 Microcontroller

I have decided to use the VEXPro ARM9 controller for a proof-of-concept robot, mainly for the high number of ports. Is it possible to use PROS with this microcontroller, or is it only possible to use with the Cortex?

No. PROS is written for the ARM Cortex since we’re only allowed to use the Cortex in competition.

You could use the original QWERK Software for the VexPro ARM9 Microcontroller. It also uses Eclipse as the IDE.

PROS abandoned Eclipse a long time ago. It’s all Atom right now

It’s not all Atom… It’s Want Atom? Have Atom or You can put in the effort yourself to make your IDE of choice work.

I use PROS with Visual Studio, though I’d probably use Atom if my system couldn’t handle Visual Studio as well as it does.

That’s true. Personally, I use Atom, but not through the extension, because of some weird things about my system

Does anyone know if the original Eclipse based software and examples still exist? I tried to run the VexPro ARM9 demos that used to work and could not find them on the IFI Site. This controller was sold by IFI, so I would expect the software for it to still be available. I recently installed JAVA on my laptop to get it working again.

PROS for Eclipse?

He is talking about arm9 boards not supported by PROS.

There’s a mirror of terkos here on github.

looks like it was moved there from a while back. The last commit was done by Dean who used to post on these forums as @Quazar

It’s been a long time since I did anything on the VEXPro. Here is one thread where I had interfaced the EDR IMEs

Thank you Jpearman! I will try to use that software with my VexPro Arm9.