PROS help

Hey guys i just downloaded the PROS software and when i tried to make a new vex project i didnt see a PROS option on the top like it showed on many videos online.

The picture with red shows the youtube videos and the normal is mine.

Please help

The PROS plugin may just not have installed correctly for you.

Try running the command listed here:

apm install file-icons linter tool-bar tool-bar-main busy build platformio-ide-terminal pros

Alternatively, if you just want to use PROS and don’t really care about using Atom as your IDE, you might as well not bother fussing with Atom and just use another IDE.

Can we use it with any IDE? How do we do that?

I thought that the plugin for PROS was only made for Atom and that you need it to download a PROS program.

You can use the PROS CLI so you can code in any editor or IDE.

What exactly is the PROS CLI? I’m very new to PROS.

I have the same problem.
How do you use it visual studio 2017 to use pros?
atom in windows10 is too laggy.

CLI is just the command line interface.

So you could use things like VS Code or Windows CMD or Powershell, as long as the PROS CLI bindings are there

how should i run the command
what do you mean by use another IDE

Sorry still new to this stuff

I am going to re download pros and when the option shows up to what to download what should i pick?


Skip this for now. It likely won’t fix anything since the same installer already didn’t work the first time.

Follow the instructions given in the page I linked:
Press the Start button on your keyboard and the ‘R’ key at the same time. This should bring up ‘Run’. Paste the command there and press ‘Enter’.

Press the Start button on your keyboard and the ‘R’ key at the same time. This should bring up ‘Run’. Type


and press ‘Enter’. This should bring up a command window. Now copy the command from earlier and right-click in the command window and then click ‘Paste’. Ctrl+V will not work.

Take a screenshot of the output in the command window and post it here.

First of all, an IDE is an integrated development environment. Its job is to make your life easier by combining the following:

  • Text editor (to actually write code)
  • Linter (checks code for errors without needing to compile)
  • Compiler (‘processes’ your code so the Cortex can ‘understand’ it)
  • Debugger (helps find bugs in your code)
    Professional IDEs often have a number of other features too, but these are the core features of an IDE.

The official PROS Editor is just the Atom text editor with plugins specifically made for PROS integration. These plugins provide the additional features to make Atom work as an IDE.

I, personally, don’t like Atom and have never used it extensively, for PROS or otherwise. This is not a problem because PROS is super easy to integrate with virtually any decent IDE. If you’re new to this stuff, though, you should probably just start with the PROS Editor.

Easiest way:
Do New Project from Existing Code to make a Visual C++ project out of your PROS code. If you care about the built-in compile, etc. buttons, then set your project to Use external build system and put in appropriate PROS CLI commands. You will likely want to use External Tools, though, at least for launching the debugger.

Here it is: without the installation of atom

You have Atom installed. The PROS Editor is Atom.

Follow the instructions here to manually add Atom to


. Then try the command again.

i did it still doesn’t work

Atom is still not on your


. Find the location of the Atom executable and carefully follow the instructions here.

is this what is supposed to happen

Yes. Once that is done, open Atom and you should be good to go.

What other editors or IDE’s have you got it to run in? Visual Studio Code? VIM?