PROS hot/cold linking

I have a completed project in VSCode using PROS that I plan to distribute soon. I’d like to ‘hide’ certain files in the ‘src’ folder from the end-users. Is it possible to pre-compile the project, converting my .c files into .object and binary files, and then remove the original .c files? I would also like to link these pre-compiled files to future versions of other source files in the project. Can this be achieved by modifying the makefile or files? I believe this might involve hot and cold package linking, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Not an answer to the question, but distributing closed-source software to VEX teams seems misguided.


I am curious why you feel the need to hide files? I understand people can be proud of their work, but making it public allows for innovation of the code.

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I’m trying to hide it from students who are meant to be developing their own code in the classroom. I’m a teaching assistant creating a remote lab and there are several useful functions that exist where the students could easily cheat their way to good grades. It would also serve as protection to some of the communication functions between the remote PC and the robot which I don’t want tampered with.

Create a static library that the students link against.


Yeah, even if making your code closed-source prevents students from cheating, it defeats the point of learning from other people’s resources.