Pros: How to create buttons?

SO, uh this question already exists, but I need help with it in pros. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Until an official answer emerges, did you make sure to read up about lvgl in PROS?

@Connor There’s not really any useful information at that link.

@plzineedhelp Instead of using lvgl, if you’re just trying to make some basic buttons then you could give the simplified brain screen API a try:


I am not sure the question is even clear that they mean buttons on the touch screen? They could mean bumper switches? I guess even controller buttons is possible interpretation.


Is a bumper switch on a touchscreen? is a controller button on a touchscreen? no.

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Sure, I could have been more clear, but there is literally only one touchscreen and that is the v5 brain

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You never said touch screen?

oop true just realized but I said “create” buttons im not out here making controllers lmao

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