PROS idk why it doesnt work

Hi, so Im programming and I am running into this error. no matching function for ‘setDrive’. I defined the function in my header file, and included it in main.h
this is what it says in my setDrive funciton

void setDrive( int lateral, int linear, int rotation ) {

 lateral = controller.get_analog (pros::E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_LEFT_X);
 linear = controller.get_analog (pros::E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_LEFT_Y);
 rotation = controller.get_analog (pros::E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_RIGHT_X);

  // Y component, X component, Rotation
  topLeftDrive =  ( -linear - lateral - rotation);
  topRightDrive = (  linear - lateral - rotation);
  backLeftDrive = (  linear + lateral - rotation);
  backRightDrive = ( -linear + lateral - rotation);

  if (abs( lateral ) < 10) {
    lateral  = 0 ;
  if (abs( linear ) < 10) {
    linear = 0 ;
  if (abs( rotation ) < 10) {
    rotation = 0 ;


and this is what I have in my opcontrol.

#include "main.h"

void opcontrol() {



The problem is in opcontrol. Your function setDrive( int lateral, int linear, int rotation ) requires three inputs. In opcontrol, you didn’t provide any inputs. Since you didn’t the complier is treating setDrive() as a different function which doesn’t exist. Add your inputs and it should work.



close but not quite. I’m talking about actual numbers for the function. For example

setDrive(10, 0, 90);

This is the part where you actually apply the function you have programmed.

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oh ok, i understnad what you mean

but I want those values to change, like the controller joystickX = lateral and stuff does it affect it or can i just set everything to 0

So do I understand correctly that this is a driver control drivetrain function? If that is the case, you need to instruct the opcontrol function to continuously run this function. To do this, you will want a while loop in the opcontrol function.

To do this code it should look something like,

void opcontrol() {
    // read controller inputs, store in variables
    // your drivetrain function, pass the inputs

Have a look at the opcontrol function from this tutorial for a bit more information


yeah I forgot about that, oops