I’m trying to use WSL, but when I run prosv5 lsusb, it comes back with nothing, even though I have a brain on and plugged in. I also get this issue with regular lsusb.

Firstly, can you check whether it shows up in Windows in Device Manager? That would indicate whether your computer is able to see the brain at all.

When using WSL, all the standard Linux security restrictions apply, so you may also need to add your user to the dialout group. If in doubt, try sudo prosv5 lsusb to see whether it’s a permissions issue. You can also try sudo lsusb to see if it shows up to the Linux instance at all.

(Disclaimer: I’ve never tried working with USB on WSL, this is just based on my experience with Linux and some quick searching).


It is in windows device manager and I’ve tried the sudo thing. I’m updating my computer right now; I’ll test the dialout thing when it finishes.

A simple solution, which I’ve used before, is to just call prosv5.exe upload in WSL.

I seem to remember there might be some bigger reason why the v5 could not be accessed from WSL. Something to do with the way the virtual serial ports are set up.


After adding my user to dialout, lsusb still lists no devices, but using prosv5.exe works fine, so I guess thats what I’ll use for now.

Out of curiosity, why exactly are you trying to run PROS under WSL?

I can’t think of any compelling reason to do so, except maybe if you’re trying to use Vim as your editor.
(It was brought to my attention that Vim supports Windows)

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