PROS Installing Issue

So I had some issues with PROS Code so I decided to reinstall it, since that has worked previously. But when I do so and I go to install, it just goes in a loop extracting the files needed, is there a way around this or should I just wait the indefinite amount of time?

Are you using Visual Studio Code? Or are you using Atom or another text editor. What platform are you using (macOS/Windows/Linux)? When was the last time you installed PROS?

I am on windows, and I was using the Atom and I tried installing PROS numerous times just get stuck in the extracting files for an indefinite amount of time so I decided to switch to Visual Studio Code but I just get a bunch of errors after I open my PROS project on VSCode

These “errors” will most likely go away once you compile. They’re most likely linter issues, not compilation errors.

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I have tried to but it seems like pros cli takes forever to extract the files so I haven’t been able to do anything.

yeah… it’s probably taking a while to install the toolchain.

So I got PROS to install in VSCode but I am still getting the #include errors I was getting before along with “cannot open source file” errors