PROS - Issues with PROS Terminal


When I try to open the PROS terminal, I get this message, and I am unable to write anything below it.

How do I fix the error? and then eventually, why is it not letting me write below it?

The error message says that you don’t have a V5 brain connected. Are you plugged into the brain? Have you tried different ports or cables?


Did you try running the command it suggests?

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So the error message is now gone and I can type. now I try to run commands and nothing happens, it just skips to the next line.

Are you checking for input in your code? I’m presuming not; in that case what are you trying to do exactly?


The PROS terminal only allows you to read data the robot sends to your computer - it doesn’t run any commands or something.

Edit: Apparently you can send data to the robot.

It’s actually a bidirectional communication link, but it’s true that you can’t send “commands” per se because C/C++ is a compiled language. You can however, write code to look for input from the terminal and behave based on said input.


It’s only bidirectional when the connection is a direct wire to the brain (i.e. not wireless/through the controller).

OP: what is it that you’re trying to do? The “PROS terminal” refers specifically to the place from which you can read brain output. If you want to run CLI commands, you’re looking in the wrong spot.