PROS Issues

Hi all, ran into a small issue.

I’m trying to load my program from last year on to my new bot, along with the new program I made for this year, but I’ve been running into a couple things.

  1. When I type “pros mu” the integrated terminal responds with “zsh: killed pros mu”
  2. When I open any program, I’m met with “CLI not working, Install again?” or something along those lines, so I click “Install” yet every time I reopen a program (or open a new one), I’m met with the same prompt to install.

Pretty sure everything is updated correctly but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t know if this is the same issue I faced, but I would suggest re-installing Visual Studios. You should first uninstall Visual Studios, then go to C:/Users/YourUser, and then delete the entire folder that says “.vscode”. After this, you will go into a folder that says “Appdata”, and you will want to delete a folder that says “Code”. Next, when re-installing VS Code, you must reinstall everything and it should work. I faced multiple issues when installing pros, and this fixed everything.

I had a similar problem where the cli was not working (it was with building the project though), what worked for me was just making a new project, and since you want to use your old code just copy the code from the old project to the new one. (ig they changed something about the project file structure or something idk) also you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the pros extension but for me to fix my problem I didn’t need to uninstall and reinstall vscode (im on mac tho so maybe its different)