PROS Kernel and "v5_api.h"

I’ve been looking around at the source code of the PROS kernel because I want to modify some traits of littleVGL and compile the kernel from source, also I like exploring and understanding the code. I’ve been able to learn a lot from this, however I always run into function calls from the “v5_api.h” which are not explained much and leave me guessing sometimes. The only thing I could find was this html page which doesn’t provide much insight into what the functions do or the specifics of there arguments. Is the source code for this header file public or is there some type of documentation I am missing? If not how do the producers of the PROS kernel know how to use them?

You can’t compile the kernel from source without the private VexOS SDK

The PROS team has access to the VEX V5 SDK under NDA, we do not make the runtime library or documentation publicly available. So, although source for PROS is available, you cannot build the PROS library yourself.


I see, that’s a bummer. Thank you though!

We have an ongoing effort to decouple LVGL from the kernel so that people will be able to do just that.


Wow that thread seems very promising, would love to see it implemented sometime soon. Having access to the additions that come with the 6.0 version of littleVGL or even 7.0 version would prove very handy.

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