PROS Kernel Update 3.5.3: Horse Load of Bugfixes

We’re happy to announce the release of PROS Kernel 3.5.3: Horse Load of Bugfixes !

For information on what’s changed and important upgrade notes, please read our blog post. .

In this update, we’ve added a ton of bugfixes ranging from the nostartflag bug to the imu_reset bug.

To upgrade your projects, either use the PROS > Upgrade Project menu in the PROS Editor or run prosv5 conduct upgrade kernel inside your project directory on the command line.

If is not updated in the update process, replace line 239 in to:
$(call test_output_2,Linking hot project with $(COLD_ELF) and $(ARCHIVE_TEXT_LIST) ,$(LD) -nostartfiles $(LDFLAGS) $(call wlprefix,-R $<) $(filter-out $<,$^) $(LDTIMEOBJ) $(LIBRARIES) $(call wlprefix,-T$(FWDIR)/v5-hot.ld $(LNK_FLAGS) -o $@),$(OK_STRING)) .

(This may be necessary for existing projects).


As always, you can find more information about the specific changes we made in this release on GitHub .