PROS linux installation instructions

Ive been looking in the eclipse update post but I cant seem to the Linux installation instructions anywhere. Also I apologize for accidentally necroing that thread after two months.

Anton Pozharskiy

Hi Anton,

During our upgrade process with Eclipse, we discovered that there were many breaking changes with RXTX, which is a Java library that allows us to communicate with the Cortex over serial, and TM Terminal, which is what Eclipse uses to display the terminal. We were barely able to scrape together a workaround for Windows (we manually incorporate DLLs that should be automatically done on Eclipse’s end), and we tried this on Linux and it just wasn’t working despite many hours of fiddling with settings. We had the same issue on OSX. As such, we haven’t released a package for a fundamentally broken installation. We have plans for a fix, but unfortunately this is going to take much longer than we’d like, especially considering the current state of Eclipse. You have a couple of options:

  1. Install Eclipse and the toolchain manually. You’ll want to configure your environment to include PROS_TOOLCHAIN, which points to the root of the pros-lite directory.
  2. Install the older versions of the PROS IDE. We haven’t made any changes to the code that gets uploaded to the robot, so you’d only miss out on the new CLI, which you likely won’t need.
  3. Grab your favorite editor and use the command line (you’ll need to install pros-lite)