PROS Major Kernel Update 3.6.0 VEXLink and More!

We’re happy to announce the release of PROS Kernel 3.6.0 !

For information on what’s changed and important upgrade notes, please read our blog post. .

In this update, we’ve added many new features including VEXLink, a Potentiometer Class, and task joining.

To upgrade your projects, either use the PROS Sidebar -> Conductor -> Upgrade Project menu in the PROS VSCode Plugin or run prosv5 conduct upgrade kernel inside your project directory on the command line.


As always, you can find more information about the specific changes we made in this release on GitHub .

We also may have a bugfix update coming out in the next week or so depending on how things go, please let us know if things need to be fixed!


While I applaud your efforts in creating VEX PROS, I’d like to question why you would release a MAJOR update 3 weeks before Worlds. Many US teams are off this week or next week, and then there will be a tailspin of activity as they go to Worlds. In the past VEX has done similar things of updating OS and code requirements two weeks before, at least this year it was 6 weeks out.


It is not required for teams to upgrade to the newest version.


I’m not sure how this harms anyone. Unlike VEXos, no one is forcing teams to use the latest version of PROS at worlds. Also unlike VEXos, it is trivial to revert to an older version of the PROS kernel. For example, to revert to kernel version 3.5.4, simply run pros conduct apply kernel@3.5.4 in your PROS project, and the CLI will automatically download and install kernel 3.5.4.


the only major change was the addition of vexlink support which I’m pretty sure the majority teams aren’t using anyway but go off

edit: before this gets brought up, the potentiometer class is strictly a new name for stuff people could already do so again no big deal