PROS Mecanum Arcade help needed!

I need help coding Arcade mecanum( left stick forward, back and strafe) Right(turn). I would like some help.
Discord: ig.EpicGamer69420_#8149 or u can just respond on VF thanks!

I am sorry, but I do not understand what you have sent me.

The web page shows two methods (equations) that can be used to implement X-Arcade. You can see the difference between the two down in the tables using the sliders.

Do you need help in who to write drive code?

yes that is it, I can probably do that math, but I cannot code

Do you have any code for driving?

no, not at all(20 cha)

Okay I’ll contact you on discord. i just sent a friend request

Try this: Mecanum drivetrain explained with code examples