PROS motor group with 600 rpm motors

So I was coding my robot in PROS and was unsure how to make a motor group with a 600 rpm drive. When I added the code for a regular blue motor (with a minor modification to the port definition) {port1, port2}, pros::E_MOTOR_GEARSET_06, false, pros::E_MOTOR_ENCODER_COUNTS into the motor group line (okapi), it gave me an error that said that no instance of the motor group constructor matched the argument list. Does anyone know what’s up?

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It seems like you’re trying to make an okapi motor group with pros motors. You should define your motors individually using either pros or okapi. Then make the motor group in pros if you used pros for the individual motors, or okapi if you used okapi for the individual motors.


Thanks! I made the motors separately in pros and then joined them in the motor group. It worked!