PROS not uploading to cortex?

We recently switched from ROBOTC to PROS, and we are not able to upload our code to the robot? We have the latest software and firmware as of 2-9-17, but the old ROBOTC code remains even with a bootload. Code linked below (not our actual code just the PROS test) (1.07 MB)

Hi @Tsunami,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the flashing utility. Can you post the output of flashing the code? It should look something like this:

Will this work?

Your screenshot indicates a successful flash of the PROS code. What indicates to you that your robot is still running ROBOTC?

We swapped the variables on a couple lines and disabled one of the lift motors, however it still ran. Also, the LCD display indicated it was not setup, even though on PROS we do have the code setup.

Are you running

pros make


pros flash

? Or just

pros mu


We had the exact same issue as this a few months ago. We had never used robotc, and only PROS. One time, PROS just stopped flashing new code to the cortex, even though the command line utility said that it had successfully flashed.

We still ship the old flashing utility in case the new unified one does not work as intended. This flasher requires Java, so you will need to have Java installed. To use it, run

make upload

or use the Atom build menu to trigger it:

and then selecting