PROS not working on VScode

My team and I are planning to use PROS this season, but it doesn’t seem to work on either ATOM nor VSC. In VSC, I installed all the extensions, but everytime I click create project, it never gets created. I’ve reinstalled multiple times and it just creates files with nothing in it. Am I missing something? Also, how would I access things like ports and motor cartridges? How do I open an already created program using VSC?

Hi, PROS VSCode extension developer here.

A little bit more info will help me figure out the issue that is occurring here:

  1. What device are you using? Windows 10/11, Linux, Intel/M1/M2 mac?
  2. After you installed the extension, did you follow the prompt to install PROS through VSCode? If not, you should click the “Install PROS” button in the sidebar to install PROS.
  3. If you click the “Verify PROS Installation” button in the sidebar, it will tell you if it is the CLI or toolchain that is causing the problems (in this case it sounds like it is the CLI, but just to confirm).
  4. If you have done 2, and 3 says that the CLI and Toolchain are working, can you click on “Integrated Terminal” in the sidebar and type the command pros c n test-project, and send the output of that command here?

I’m using Windows 10, and I did follow the prompt to install. I clicked verify and it says everything is installed and up to date. Thanks for helping but I found the project, I just put it in the wrong folders. I do still have one question, how do I use ports?

In PROS, there is no device setup screen like there is in VEXCode. If you have not used PROS before, I recommend reading through this tutorial to learn the syntax and project structure. Additionally, our documentation is here if you want to know something not covered in the tutorial.
To answer your question about cartridges, you will just specify the cartridge when you create the motor:

pros::Motor my_red_motor(1, pros::E_MOTOR_GEARSET_36) // create a motor in port 1 with a red cartridge
pros::Motor my_green_motor(2, pros::E_MOTOR_GEARSET_18) // create a motor in port 2 with a green cartridge
pros::Motor my_blue_motor(3, pros::E_MOTOR_GEARSET_06) // create a motor in port 3 with a blue cartridge

Hope this helps.