PROS okapi built-in PID powering each side at different times?

Hi everyone,
I’m using the built in PID with okapi on VS Code, and the built in PID on the chassis controller is powering the sides asynchronously. It powers one wheel unit and then the other: think, a shuffling motion forward. Regardless of the constant values, this issue persists. This doesn’t happen when I comment the constants out. Here is the chassis builder:

// Declares the chassis.
std::shared_ptr Kenneth =
{16, 9}, //left motors
{-15, -14} // right motors
) //uses motors 17-20
//blue motors, 3.25 in diameter, 9 in apart
.withDimensions({AbstractMotor::gearset::blue, (36.0/48.0)}, {{3.25_in, 9_in}, imev5BlueTPR})
TimeUtilFactory::createDefault().getTimer(), //Timer
“/ser/sout”, // Output to Pros terminal
Logger::LogLevel::debug //Most verbose log level
{1, 0, 0}, // distance gains(constants)
{0, 0, 0} // turning gains(constants)

Why are the constants causing this asynchronous movement? Is this a limitation of the okapi built-in PID?
Thanks for the help!