PROS on ARM/PowerPC?

I’m considering switching to using PROS from RobotC. This isn’t a huge issue, but I was wondering if it works on PowerPC or ARM CPUs, so I can use a spare PowerBook with Lubuntu I have or Raspberry Pi with Debian as a permanent dev machine. Do I need to compile it myself?

As long as your distribution has available the arm-none-eabi-gcc cross-compiler, and Python 3+, you will be able to use the PROS CLI to make and upload projects.

Once you have Python, installing the CLI is as simple as running

pip3 install pros-cli


Also note that we have an install script for Ubuntu/Debian here.

As for Atom, according to this issue, Atom may now work on ARM PCs (though I won’t make any guarantees). However, if you have the CLI and the toolchain, you are able to use any editor you choose (some of our other Linux users use emacs, for example).

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Does this PROS support the VEX Cortex and VEXPRO microcontrollers?

It supports the cortex but not vexpro.

I see. My laptop that supported the VEXPRO died on me. It used QWERK C++.

If you are lazy, use a virtual machine

Serial interactions through the VM can oftentimes be tricky

May I inquire as to why you aren’t going to simply use it on whatever you had been using ROBOTC on?

The Vexpro Arm9 is a more powerful controller than the Vex Cortex and it is also open source.