PROS on Linux

Anyone here using Pros on Linux? I’m running Archlinux and would really like to not have to use a Windows vm like I have been doing the past few years to run RobotC. I’m excited for the new release.

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PROS is designed to work on Linux…

im trying to load pros-cli but i keep getting this error.

any idea?

BTW I use Arch linux.

I think PROS for Linux is for debian-based Linux distros.

That’s probably what’s causing an issue with the install.

Make sure you install all the packages listed here (except Atom if you will use some other IDE):

Specifically, check that you have the last 2 Python packages.

That’s a problem introduced in pip versions >=10. One temporary workaround is to downgrade pip for the install. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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BINGO! We are in business. Thank you, i cant wait to see Version 3