Pros Or V5 Pro?

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should switch to PROS from Vexcode V5 Pro. What are your opinions of both programs and should I make this switch? If so, may anyone link me to some good tutorials, so I can start learning? Thank you all for your input on my dilemma, it means a lot!

I don’t have much experience with the pros version, but there is another forum post discussing the two:

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It really depends on your coding ability, there are tradeoffs. Vexcode is a little bit more streamlined; it just works, and all the documentation is right there. PROS has a lot more freedom, and with that freedom there are a lot of choices to make, perhaps the most important one being to Okapilib or not to Okapilib. If you choose to use Okapilib, you can find the documentation and tutorials at, while all the PROS documentation and tutorials are available at Generally, unless you are ready to write your own more advanced code, you should be using Okapilib, though.