PROS PATH variable missing from new installation. Cannot find libraries.

Upon installing PROS using the new installer none of my code compiles due to a missing PATH variable and all of the includes being unresolved. Where should the PATH variable point to?

Hi Anton Pozharskiy, can you post the exact error message you are receiving?

We have also made several changes to the backend of Eclipse to not require the toolchain being in the PATH, and this may require an update to your project by doing the following. This may or may not fix your issue:

Open Upgrade PROS Project in the VEX menu.
Select the project you want to upgrade and the kernel target (2b10) and click finish.
After you upgrade the project, if you still are having issues, you may need to refresh the index (it’s an Eclipse thing and there’s nothing we can do on our end).

Alternatively, you could open up command prompt and do the following:

pros fetch --download latest
pros upgrade {PATH_TO_PROJECT}

In this upgrade process, you’ll start taking advantage of the new way Eclipse CDT indexes files, and we modified the Makefile to make use of the PROS_TOOLCHAIN environment variable, which is configured either in your environment or by Eclipse (currently, the installer will do it and so will Eclipse - if you update the project in the method aforementioned)

Thank you for the quick response. The changes you had made to the backend were indeed the cause of the issue and updating the project fixed it. The lack of a PATH variable in the project properties initially threw me off which is why I believed that to be the problem.