PROS Portable?

Does anyone have any idea how to run PROS off a flash drive? Has anyone managed this? I just recently started using pros for small side projects and it would be really nice to have a portable version, even if its a little slower

There are portable versions of Eclipse, so theoretically, it may be possible to get one of those and install the PROS eclipse plugins through their update site. I’m not sure if that would work, though. I’ll give it a try in the morning.

Update: I installed a portable version of eclipse for C/C++, then updated to eclipse Luna/CDT 8.6, and then installed pros through their update site.

While it was installing pros, eclipse said there was a problem with the tm terminal feature, so it skipped that.

There also is a problem with the compiler, so you can’t build projects. That probably is something you could fix if you are interested in looking into this.

In summary, it still looks possible to get working if you are interested in putting the time in.

Let us know if you do! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: i will continue to look into this then, and will post if i have any luck! thank you!

The TM terminal issue is resolved in new 1-click installers that we are in the final stages of testing that we hope to release soon. In regards to the build issue this is due to the fact that when you click build for a PROS project it looks in your system PATH to find the PROS toolchain. If you do not have PROS installed then you do not have the toolchain and you will not be able to compile/upload projects to the cortex.

It’s good to hear that the PROS update will be coming out soon.

Could you get around that issue by adding a toolchain manually and telling eclipse where to find it?

Unfortunately the issue is not telling eclipse where to find the toolchain. PROS projects are an extension of eclipse’s support for makefile projects. Due to this compilation is handled externally from eclipse. That is why the the PROS toolchain has to be in the PATH for the system to find the necessary applications to perform the compilation.

@ggurta If you are still looking for a way to run PROS from a flashdrive with the new PROS installers you can. Just be sure that during the installation process you uncheck the global variables box and eclipse will no longer depend on the PATH. However by doing that you will not be able to use the CLI from cmd prompt.